“We are defined by our actions, not by our words.”


Who am I ... let's see ... as written above the words do not define us, but I try to talk about myself ...

My name is Stefania and my base is in Fuerteventura, the island of the Canary Archipelago, which with its gentle climate and the harsh landscapes has taken me little by little, to make me feel at home.

It's ten years I work creating web sites with Joomla!, activity I chose for passion and to have freedom of movement in my life and not be tied to where .

I'm contributing to this free open source project as Italian language coordinator and help coordinating international translation teams on Joomla.org

I have experience in the management of accommodation facilities here in Fuerteventura, preparation, booking online and on-site check-in.

I also create craft products ... Artesanía in Spanish ... You can see in MiLuz.eu handbags, handmade accessories and more that will come in the future in different shapes, colors and materials, fruit of dreams, energy and transformation.

I'm fascinated by Nature and I am the mother of a wonderful blond, Amor de mi vida ...

That's all at the moment, then who knows, it's all becoming ...